Wanting to purchase a home?

Americans’ Powerful Belief In Homeownership As An Investment 1.9KSHARES 1.8K 60 27 87 The Federal Reserve Bank (The Fed) recently released their 2019  Survey of Consumer Expectations Housing Survey. The survey reported that 65% of Americans believe homeownership is a good financial investment. Since 2014, the percentage has increased by over nine percent.The Fed’s survey also showed … Continue reading Wanting to purchase a home?

2019 Home Decor!

It’s almost a mix of rustic meets glam. And yes, it actually coincides well with the farmhouse style- in fact, I feel it adds even more dimension. The idea is that life is so busy, chaotic, and inundated with a constant stream of demands, that home should be relaxing, glamorous…… a place of retreat. Kinda … Continue reading 2019 Home Decor!

Curb Appeal

Need a new update to your existing landscaping and patio? We have you covered. Check out these ideas on how to spruce up your outside and give your house a makeover! + Add flowering plants in the front flowerbeds, in glazed pots or under-window planter boxes + Lay dark colored mulch or rubber based mulch … Continue reading Curb Appeal

The Power of Home Staging

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