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Curb Appeal

Need a new update to your existing landscaping and patio? We have you covered. Check out these ideas on how to spruce up your outside and give your house a makeover! + Add flowering plants in the front flowerbeds, in glazed pots or under-window planter boxes + Lay dark colored mulch or rubber based mulch … Continue reading Curb Appeal

The Power of Home Staging

TREC form

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2017 is the Year to Sell Your Home!

2017 is the Year to Sell Your Home!

Texas’ real estate heights

Texas enjoyed a thriving 2015 housing market and the Texas Association of Realtors projects 2016 to be another booming year.

New developments in your city!

See what new restaurants, entertainment, office space and shopping complexes are being built in your area.

It Pays to List Your Home NOW

Cold Weather, Hot Sales! Find out why you should list your home this Winter.